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Roland Dumbadze, 1948 | Figurative painter

Georgian painter Roland Dumbadze, born in Tbilisi, Georgia, graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of industrial graphics.
Since 1978 he was working at the Public Broadcaster as a graphic painter, at Tbilisi Design Research Institute and Mose Toidze Art Professional Educational Centre. He has created the design of the sportswear for the Georgian National Football Team.
Since 1990 he was living in Moscow. He opened children's art studio and played important role in creation of the "Arbat Gallery" and helped many Georgian artists with organization of the exhibitions in Moscow.

  • Graduet Academy of Art Faculty of Commerce and Industry schedule.-1975
  • 1978 Design - Graphic in Georgian TV, Tbilisi;
  • 1985 Artist-designer - Design Research Institute;
  • 1991 Lived and worked in Moscow;
  • 1994 Founded the Children's Art Studio, Moscow;
  • 1996 founded art gallery “Arbatskaia iveria”, Moscow;
  • 2004 lived and worked in Nice, France;
  • In 2009 artist came back to Georgia and opened Fashion and Design Studio. At the same time he was visiting professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art.