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Danny McBride, 1951

Danny McBride was born in Toronto, and has spent all of his working years in the arts as a musician, composer, singer and artist.
First as a musician, composer and songwriter, Danny made world tours with the likes of David Hasselhoff, Chris de Burgh and Joe Cocker.
His illustrious music career has netted him several gold and platinum records and a profile that still keeps him newsworthy.
In 1996 he wrapped up a US and Taiwan concert tour and began to slow his pace.

Danny, now a painter, moved to British Columbia and began a new phase in his life. He is a self-taught artist whose unique figurative style soon emerged. His acrylic images come alive on canvas in textured still-lifes and smoothly finished ladies in hats.
His art is always exciting as he creates scenes that are light-hearted and fun. His images are frequently sculptural in form, with layers of paint built up on the canvas, creating a very textured and bold composition.
His paintings have made a large impact with collectors across North America and Europe.

Danny McBride è un artista nato a Toronto, in Canada.
Ha impiegato la maggior parte dei suoi anni lavorativi nel produrre arte come musicista, compositore, cantante e pittore.
Dopo una fantastica carriera musicale, si è trasferito nella Colombia britannica e si è dedicato interamente alla pittura; si è subito distinto per la particolare arte figurativa e per l'ironia delle sue immagini.