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Andrey Kartashov, 1974

Ukrainian painter Андрей Карташов was born in the city of Uzhgorod, the ancient capital of Transcarpathia, in western Ukraine. The picturesque slopes of the Carpathian mountains, the majestic open spaces, the mossy stones and ancient castles awakened in him a special feeling for the world around him, and that finally led him to the decision to devote his life to art. In 1995, Andrey graduated with honors from the College of Applied Arts of Uzhgorod. His senior project was recognized as the best end-of-study project of the year, and earned him the right to enroll, without entrance examinations, at the Lvov Academy of Arts. However, for Andrey, study at Lvov would not be sufficient; only the best academy for art, that in St. Petersburg, would satisfy his desire for the highest quality instruction possible. Once in St. Petersburg, no longer surrounded by the bright and enchanting natural beauty of Carpathia, Andrey was forced to learn a more difficult skill: to distinguish the various shades of St. Petersburg’s grey.