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Marta Dahlig, 1985 | Fantasy / Concept Illustrator

Marta Dahlig is an Polish🎨 digital painter who has been recognized with numerous awards🎨 for her work and contributions.
Her artwork have been featured everywhere from CG society, ImagineFX to countless other magazines, publications and blogs.
I am live in Warsaw, Poland. For my official employment, a “regular” full time job - I currently work as a media planner at MPG media agency. I know - not too artsy...
In fact, it’s an extremely analytic, number-crunching job. Maybe it doesn’t fit well with the image but I like the challenge the contrast is giving me…
Illustrating I do out of passion. Currently I work as a cover illustrator for a few German publishing houses as well as prepare tutorials for Future Publishing’s ImagineFX magazine on a nearly monthly basis.