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Volodia Popov, 1961 | Magic Realism painter

Born in Michurinsk, Volodia Popov-Massiaguine / Володя Попов is a Russian painter🎨 living in Paris.
Volodia Popov is the artist for whom does not exist any stylistic border.
The horizonts of his creativity are opened widely to meet the seven winds. At any time filled with salty energy sails can transfer the clipper of his inexhaustible imagination to unfamiliar mysterious coast of new terra incognita.
Volodia Popov-Massiaguine has tackled a variety of pictorial genres, exhibiting a particular talent for the female form and still-life’s.

Thanks to a mixture of classical rigor and romantic fantasy, totally unaffected by any desire to copy others, Volodia Popov has turned his back on “realistic” illusion and expresses his feeling for life through a deliberate.
And lucid deformation of nature, thanks to a melancholic lyricism, to the mediation of dream world and fable.
His works evolve in a magic atmosphere, in which predominates the inner life, meditation, aspirations to transcendence.