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Kevin Sloan | Allegorical Realism painter

Kevin Sloan draws upon the diverse imagery acquired from his extensive travels around the world to create the unique magic realism paintings that have made him such a well-known, collected artist. With a portfolio of fine art that can be found in numerous public and private collections, his distinctive, provocative and occasionally humorous imagery create truly unique allegorical still lifes and landscapes.

Kevin's vivid imagination and allegorical storytelling technique invites the viewer to use one's own intellect and awareness to create personal stories relating to each captivating painting.
My recent interest is in early natural history art from the era now referred to as the Age of Discovery. From Maria Sibylla Merian in the 17th century to John James Audubon in the 19th century, many artists painstakingly and accurately illustrated the newly discovered natural world, giving their audience a scientific and aesthetic understanding of these new, rare and exotic discoveries. Concurrent with the Age of Discovery was the idea of a Cabinet of Curiosities. In these rooms were housed a personal collection of things of wonder - many coming from the newly discovered natural world but also containing rare and extraordinary man-made objects.