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Taras Loboda, 1961

Ukrainian artist Taras Loboda is a painter creating thematic compositions, portraits, landscapes, still-lives.
Presently living and working in Prague, the artist persistently and purposefully develops three main motives: woman's portrait and act (body with melodious lines, a look with a sad solitude feeling), strict classic still life and a phantom landscape.
Objects painted by the artist intrigue, attract due to their escaping mysteriousness.
Taras Loboda, an excellent graphic artist and painter with rich fantasy and a developed decorative flair, is usually trying to look beyond the front side of things, to penetrate through the Looking-Glass of Alice, to the time and space which are aloof from the people whenever he pictures a beautiful stranger or flowers boiling up above the smooth surface of porcelain and copper or else luxurious paradise bushes above the frozen lakes.