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Michael Malm, 1972 | Figurative painter

"The human figure, in my mind is the most beautiful of God’s creations. So much can be communicated through the tilt of the head, or the gesture of the hand. I strive to capture subtle things such as these in hopes of creating something emotional and moving"- Michael Malm.

Well versed in a variety of painting styles, from still lifes to landscapes, Michael Malm is perhaps best known for his impressionistic paintings of figures.
A native of Utah, Michael Malm is a painter of figurative subjects, especially females in western landscape, often with horses.

He has achieved his professional art reputation early, being only 22 when he began and got immediate acceptance in prestigious galleries and won the Arts for the Parks competition.
The pastoral landscapes that Malm paints are a reflection of his feelings about rural Utah, about which he says, "I love the old farm communities, the grazing animals and wide open fields. There is something peaceful about these settings".
Though he enjoys painting the beautiful valley around him, he has not limited himself to landscapes, and often includes figures, grazing animals and still life in his work.
Malm’s preferred medium is oil and Malm tries to always paint from life.
The artist feels the way he illuminates his subjects is the most important aspect of his work.

Michael Malm received an associates degree at Dixie College in St George, Utah, a Bachelors degree from Southern Utah University and a master of fine arts from Utah State University.
Michael has had the opportunity to study with well-known artists Richard Schmid🎨, Dan Gerhartz🎨, Michael Workman, Burt Silverman, C.W. Mundy🎨 and Jim Norton.
In 1997 Mike was a top finalist in the prestigious Arts for the Parks Competition.
He is the recipient of "The Directors Choice" award in the "Artists for the New Century" show at the Bennington Center for the arts in Vermont, September 2002.

"La figura umana, nella mia mente è la più bella delle creazioni di Dio. Tanto può essere comunicato attraverso l'inclinazione della testa od il gesto della mano. Mi sforzo di catturare cose sottili nella speranza di creare qualcosa di emozionante e commovente" - Michael Malm.

Esperto in una varietà di stili pittorici, dalle nature morte ai paesaggi, Michael Malm è forse meglio conosciuto per i suoi dipinti impressionistici di figure.
Michael Malm ha conseguito una laurea presso il Dixie College di St George, Utah, una laurea presso la Southern Utah University ed un master in belle arti presso la Utah State University.
Michael ha avuto l'opportunità di studiare con famosi artisti Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz, Michael Workman, Burt Silverman, C.W. Mundy e Jim Norton.
Nel 1997 Mike è stato uno dei migliori finalisti del prestigioso concorso Arts for the Parks.
Ha ricevuto il premio "The Directors Choice" nella mostra "Artists for the New Century" al Bennington Center for the Arts nel Vermont, settembre 2002.