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Francois Fressinier, 1968 | Figurative painter

Born in Cognac, France in 1968 to scholarly portrait photographer parents with an affinity for aesthetics, it was fitting that modern figurative artist, François Fressinier, would develop a unique, enchanting style.
His father's admiration for the works of the Old Masters and his exposure to some of the world's most historic places, along with France's Gallo-Roman ruins and Gothic churches inclined François to explore and create figurative, symbolic artwork.
In addition, his education at the Ecole Brassart in Tours afforded him the opportunity to study the drawings and paintings of old and new masters.

Fressinier's process for painting involves a bit of sketching, however; he takes greater pleasure in being alone in his studio, letting his paintings speak to him and watching them appear progressively and without force.
He continues to be moved by the work of other artists, frequently visiting museums and galleries and art libraries to expand his imagination.

He is passionate about painting, and also enjoys spending time with his two children, gardening, reading, and playing guitar.
He credits his wife, Colette, with being his muse and considers his faith in God central to his being.
Fressinier's paintings have been exhibited and collected throughout the United States and internationally.

He cites inspiration from artists like Rembrandt for showing us the soul of his sitters, Van Dyke for his elegance, Bonnard's palette, Fuchs for the fantastic world he invented; all of which influence his style today.
He has stated, "Art is something you cultivate; it is alive! My joy of painting is to listen to the piece and to have a discussion with it. Each one has its own personality".

François Fressinie è nato a Cognac, Francia, nel 1968.
Suo padre aveva una grande venerazione per i grandi maestri ed ha guidato suo figlio nella esplorazione e la creazione dell'arte figurativa e simbolica.
Fressinier ha continuato a studiare arte presso l'Ecole Brassartin Tours.
Il suo stile di pittura è stato descritto come un'amalgama moderna di Neoclassico, Rinascimento classico e Romanticismo.
Gli uomini e le donne nel mondo d'Fressinier sono impregnati di grazia e di bellezza; dipinti nella loro luce migliore.