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Salustiano Garcia Cruz, 1965

Spanish painter Salustiano García Cruz graduated from the University of Seville.
The paintings of this artist are red or white pictures in a pure concept of Renaissance style, transmitting calm through a detailed study of form and a clear brush stroke.
The characters are lone busts and faces over an empty and monochrome space, appearing like in dreams where everything turns red.

The work begins when he photographing the model, many of them are related to music.
"Red a symbol which suggests beauty and atemporality, but at the same time strength, it’s the color of blood, of religion and of the chosen ones.
Red in my paintings is actually a metaphor of heaven and of the transcendental".
Humanity is the main subject of the paintings of Salustiano Garcia Cruz; it is also his interlocutor in these mute conversations.

Just a glance and the peaceful and mysterious features of the unknown passersby, captured on photography, is the only contact the Spanish artist is forging with his models.
He is transmitting a deeper expression, their aura.
Visually strong, with their minimalistic background, first red but also white and black, the portraits are unsettling.
Inspired by Renaissance, but also Surrealism and contemporary world, their ambiguity is questioning our souls.

Genders, childhood, violence and religion, the frontiers are blurred and the codes broken.
The red erases our points of references and leaves us with emotions only.
The artist has attracted the attention of the world of art and collectors with his powerful creations.