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Vyacheslav Khabirov, 1967

Vyacheslav Khabirov was born in Kazakhstan in the town of Ust-Kamenogorsk.
In his early childhood he showed great interest and love for art.
When a boy of 13, Vyacheslav began painting in oil as he considered it to be the best means of creating his landscapes.
Being a student of an Art school Vyacheslav participated in republic-wide exhibitions that took place in the capital of Kazakhstan Alma-Ata.

His works were awarded prizes and special premia.
Aiming at perfection, the artist spent a lot of time working with literature and studying the influence of the great painters of the past.
He worked out the style of his own, his special technique and colour scheme.
After finishing school, Vyacheslav entered the Institute of Architecture to continue the cause of his father.

But being in the fourth year he realised that, in fact, his vocation was painting.
The development of the artist began in the Easern Kazakhstan Museum of Regional Studies.
Working as a restorer, he studied the art of icon-painting and with great skill restored several precious icons which were in extremely bad condition.
At the same time, he created some monumental works for the town.

One can see the wall-painting by Vyacheslav on the front of the regional library.
He created a 2,5 x 12 meter diaram for the exposition "The Soldiers of the Eastern Kazakhstan during the Great Patriotic War".
He also designed many cultural events in the town.
Since 1994, the artist has lived in Moscow.

He works in different genres, but the base of his art is landscape and seascape paintings.
They are noticable for the accurate composition and definite ways of painting that combine pasty manner with the transparency of glaze.
Since the year of 2000 Vyacheslav has been a member of the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia.
Most of his works belong to private collections of Russia, Germany,China, Japan, UAE, USA and France