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Laurence Amélie | Fashion /Impressionist Romantic painter

Laurence Amélie, daughter of renowned Swiss abstract painter Gérard Schneider, continues the family tradition of painting following a successful career as Creative Director and Fashion designer of Bon Point in Paris.
Laurence paints from her idyllic country setting near Fontainebleau. It is the house where her father, a contemporary of Picasso, painted during the highly active mid-century abstract period.

Laurence paints using acrylic and spends days preparing the background colour washes of her work, gradually building subtle multiple tones which give great depth to every piece. Laurence is inspired by nature, the seasons, the changing light and the disarray of wild rambling country flowers. 

As well as flowers, her work focuses on dresses and tutus. In each of her subjects Laurence’s rarest quality is the movement that she establishes in her paintings, she is always able to portray the soft illusion of forms being blown in a gentle breeze. This dream like quality is perhaps the romantic element her followers fall in love with.
Laurence Amélie is well known in France and her work is becoming extremely collectable.  It is heralded by the chic and fashionable boutique ‘Merci’ in Paris. Her client base stretches overseas to the United States, where she spends 2 months of the year in California painting for her continually growing devotees.

Figlia di due pittori astrattisti, Laurence Amélie dipinge da quindici anni. Può sembrare strano che dipinga fiori e stoffe, ma dice di non sentirsi pronta a dipingere astratto e quindi porta su tela solo quello che le muove qualcosa dentro: la natura bucolica, col suo poetico disordine, i fiori che crescono spontanei e tutù abbandonati.