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Irene Gendelman

The beauty of Irene’s paintings reside in her astute use of subdued colours, reflecting the different nuances and shadows of cities. Her textured surfaces complement her subject matter in revealing the solid aspect of building construction yet her use of fine, thin lines, delicately placed to give an air of lightness to the scene.
All of Irene’s heart and soul go into each work, as well as many years of research and inspiration resulting in art-work that is amusing, colourful, and very original. Born in Crimea, Ukraine, now resides in Israel. The Black Sea, the Caucasian Mountains, and the narrow winding streets of Old Crimea, were all the inspiration young Irene needed to wish to become an artist. It was at a very early age that her attachment and fascination for the visual arts manifested itself, and this passion was fulfilled throughout her entire education, from elementary school to university. Finding beauty in the silhouettes, skylines, and forms of her city, she began a process to perfect her artistic style. It was through her numerous visits of many European and Middle - Eastern cities that her vision evolved. Enriched by all the sights and colours of the places she visited, her work began to take on more maturity. Her work allows the observer to understand and to feel the passion released by Irene in her process.