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Mollie Kellogg | Magical Mystical painter

California-based artist and film-maker Mollie Kellogg’s award-winning Incognito Witch Project, celebrating hidden magick, is described by Mz Urban Art in New York City as "An American painter who births wonderfully mystic personalities on her heavily textured canvases".
Art appraiser Corinne Cain observes: "The metallic pigments together with superior drawing skills enable a three-dimensionality not accomplished by others".
Citing the closest comparison to another artist's work as Alfred Leslie, she adds, "Leslie’s portrait expressions relate to some of Kellogg's works, but they lack the depth and three-dimensionality, not to mention the glitter and thick paint/pigment application".

Mollie’s work has sold internationally and has galleried in New York City, NY, Santa Fe, NM, La Jolla, CA, Solana Beach, CA, Laguana Beach, CA, San Diego, CA, Seattle, WA, Cheyenne, WY, Birmingham, AL, Phoenix, AZ and Scottsdale AZ.