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RetroAtelier / РетроАтелье | Historical reproduction photos

We deeply appreciate the compelling individuality of that and try to do it justice through our own work.
As far as the figure element is concerned, we make a point of keeping it fairly subtle, with the emphasis being on referencing the more risque side of vintage beauty standards as opposed to letting bare flesh speak for itself.
We’re a team of vintage photography aficionados based in Ukraine, however unlikely that may sound.

RetroAtelier | Historical Reproduction Photos | Ukraine

We indulge our passion for time-honored archetypes of female allure by delivering our own take on some of them, in the best tradition of each particular period, yet with the help of some latter-day tools and techniques.
While we ourselves are living in a highly eclectic age, the epochs we reference were all about clear-cut stylistic distinctions, which is really the part and parcel of what makes them so memorable.