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Hasan Saygin, 1958 | Abstract Realist painter

Hasan Saygin was born in Karamanli, Turkey. He spent his childhood and followed his primary education in his native town, Karamanli.
In 1977, he entered the School of Fine Arts in Istanbul.
In 1982, he decided to come to Paris and settled permanently.
He organized personal exhibitions in many Parisian galleries: 26 Gallery (Place des Vosges), Vendôme Gallery (rue de la Paix) and Michèle Boulet Gallery; in the Draguignan Museum, in the castle of Gordes, in Salerno in France, in the castle of Vascoeuil in France, as well as in Belgium (Gevaert Gallery in Bruges, castle of Ingelmunster, etc ...), in Almeria, Spain and in the U.S (in Vero Beach, Florida).

He participated in numerous group exhibitions and received many awards🎨 and medals: Autumn Salon, French Artists, exhibition of the independent artists, the Comparaisons salon in the Grand Palais in Paris.

He was honored to receive the Gold Medal of Merit and French Dedication in 2003 and the Silver Medal for Arts, Letters and Sciences awarded🎨 by the French Academy in 2004.
Hasan Saygin is inspired by the Renaissance painters🎨, the figures and still life.

At first glance, his paintings are very realistic and he looks for the "perfection" in the minutes of its model or its subjects. But there are also some abstract elements that integrate its realism to the modernity.

He was welcomed in exhibitions as guest of honor - Gisors Salon in 2007, Val de Viosnes Salon in Osny in 2009, the Cimaise Pacéenne Salon in Pacy-sur-Eure in 2010 and Rouen Salon in 2013.
He also exhibited at the University of Eskisehir and in the Izmir Art Gallery in Turkey in 2011 and in 2012 at the Castle of Grouchy in Osny, France.