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Victor Sheng Wang | Symbolist / Figurative painter

Victor Sheng Wang is a Chinese-born American painter and Professor of Arts at Fontbonne University.
He is best known for his blend of luminous color and buttery texture that evoke the enigmatic environment where moments of meditation originate. He uses profusely colored, thickly texturized, monumental portraits of expressive western women invariably accompanied by sunflower plant motifs representing memories from his rural upbringing.
Wang was born and completed high school in Qiqihar, excelling in visual creativity.
Victor Sheng Wang was forcibly confined by by the Maoist's Cultural Revolution to the northernmost region of Manchuria to cultivate sunflower fields for two and a half years, after which he was admitted to the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts (Shenyang, Liaoning province) where he graduated in 1983.

Four years later, he won a scholarship as a visiting scholar at the School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, followed by a similar position at Washington University in St. Louis, while undertaking an MFA degree at Fontbonne University (1990).
At Fontbonne he received the Professional Achievement Award in 2011, advancing his academic career to full professorship.
Long based in St. Louis, MO, his art has been exhibited for over two decades in many cities in the US and beyond, being welcomed by reviewers in specialized art media.
Wang has produced the books "Memoir of Sunflower" (2009) and "Three Major Traditional Techniques of Oil Painting". | © Wikipedia

Victor Sheng Wang è un pittore Cinese / Americano e professore di arti all'Università di Fontbonne.
Wang è nato a Qiqihar, in Cina dove ha completato il liceo, eccellendo nella creatività visiva.
Fu confinato con la forza dalla Rivoluzione Culturale Maoista nella regione più settentrionale della Manciuria a coltivare campi di girasole per due anni e mezzo, dopodiché fu ammesso all'Accademia di Belle Arti Lu Xun (Shenyang, provincia di Liaoning) dove si laureò nel 1983.

Quattro anni dopo, vinse una borsa di studio come visiting scholar presso la School of Art and Design, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, seguita da una posizione simile presso la Washington University di St. Louis, mentre intraprendeva un MFA presso la Fontbonne University (1990).
Nel 2011, a Fontbonne ha ricevuto il premio Professional Achievement, portando la sua carriera accademica a professore ordinario a tempo pieno.
Con sede a St. Louis, MO, la sua arte è stata esposta per oltre due decenni in molte città negli Stati Uniti ed oltre, essendo accolta da revisori in media artistici specializzati.
Wang ha prodotto i libri "Memoir of Sunflower" (2009) e "Three Major Traditional Techniques of Oil Painting".