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Jacob Christian Poen de Wijs, 1948 | Realist painter

Dutch painter Jacob Christian Poen de Wijs born in Nijmegen.
Studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague, 1966-1971.
He lives and works in the Hague.
Poen de Wijs is a contemporary, realistic fine painter.

In his paintings, his figured people and objects of today are depicted in a refined, realistic way.
Although the characters and themes are very topical, his painting technique is connected to a centuries-old tradition.
"I stand with one foot in the tradition, but with my other leg in modern times", he emphasizes.

"That means that I'm painting in a very traditional way, i.e. layer over layer, in the way it was done in the old days with tempera, but now with modern acrylics.
Nowadays, the quality of acrylic is so high, that it offers many more possibilities than oil paint.
In this way I often use metallic paints in my recent paintings, which provide a wonderful atmosphere".