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Serhiy Reznichenko / Сергей Резниченко, 1968 | Abstract painter

"I spend much of my life in the studio, working in the style of the postmodern trend" - Serhiy Reznichenko.
Member of the Ukrainian National Society of Artists.
Since 1989, Serhiy Reznichenko has participated in more than fifty exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.
The works are in the collections of the Lviv National Gallery of Arts. BG Voznytsky, National Museum in Lviv. Andrei Sheptytsky, Lviv Palace of Arts, Museum of Contemporary Art in Ukraine (Kyiv), as well as in private collections in many countries.

Reznichenko is a member of the Ukrainian National Society of Artists.
Reznichenko has taken part in exhibitions on USA, Denmark, Russia, Portugal, Romania, Poland ecc.
You should see these paintings in the original.
Any advanced printing technology foils to reproduce succulent Vitality’ of the forms and vivacious vibration of the pictures created by the Lviv painter Serhiy Reznichenko.

I would describe the process, which takes place in the artist s studio, as a revelation session.
If you believe, that nothing comes out of nowhere and nothing vanishes into thin air, then you see this process as a revelation of images, moods, emotions that saturate our world.
On his pictures Serhiy only alludes to a certain story. We feel absolutely free to seek for some explanation among thousands of memory records of the things we have once seen or read.

But we can also rely upon a spontaneous wave of imagination and see, on what unknown shore it will land us.
A time span, a dress, and small details become only a tuning fork that sets a tonality of the whole artwork.
Therefore, a post-modern flavoured masquerade does not turn into a cunning crossword of colours.

There is no reason for that.
There is no need to play a Guess What or a Know/Don’t Know Game here.

Serhiy already knows, what we know, and he talks to us, as if we all were old friends, in half words and half phrases.
Besides his magnificent (in a classical meaning of this word) painting, this friendly trust is just another generous gift the artist gives to us, at the times when we all are tired of non-stop tests on how smart, modern or how far advanced we are...

Life banality seems to weaken through blurred forms.
Instead, we get the opportunity to concentrate on something, which is really important; we have a chance to feel the world at the point of its equilibrium and enjoy this moment of harmony, when everything is just fine’, the moment that the artist brings to a standstill for each of us personally.

The longer you look into his creations, the deeper you dive into the otherness of their reality.
This reality seduces you with a cob pattern of associations, entangling de-ja vu, manifold night visions...
Soft curtsies to old masters and an impressionistic approach to the texture are just a means to make layers of images that build up a multifaceted intricate world on a few meter-sized canvas.

This is the way the artist creates his paintings; he puts a layer of a variation on top of another variation within one heartbeat, or sometimes within a few days or even weeks. The criterion for the final revelation is an intuitive feeling of the moment of perfection, when nothing in his artwork causes any irritation.
If this moment is lost, the layering process is continued till the next moment of truth.

It seems, that if unstopped, this process can last forever...
Eventually, Serhiy’s creations are just one entire process, one film without the beginning and the end.
The artist simply cuts it into separate parts and frames for the sake of a display convenience.
However, this repetition bears no sign of a boring monotony; each painting is revealed in its own unique way, so that the result is always unpredictable.

Hike, when painting is not narrative, when it is free from any limitations of its graphical perfection.
Hike, when it is spontaneous, when it ‘screams', disturbs with an unexpected colour spot or ‘groans with languorous nuances, when it ‘squeezes all juices from a colour, or when it is light in its essence, and it makes no sense to dig deeper to find something bigger.

In any case, one should have a heart for it.
That will be the one, who agrees to live with it.
Serhiy Reznichenko about his works in About Me and About It Album. | Natalia Kosmolinska, Art Historian

Serhiy Reznichenko è nato il 30 ottobre 1968 a Cherkassy region.
Si è laureato al Vira Mukhina State College Art-industriale di San Pietroburgo, specialità pittura monumentale.
E' membro della Ucraina National Society of Artists.