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Paul Jaarsma, 1957

My name is Paul Jaarsma, born in Melbourne, Australia on the 1957. I had many occupations, before I dare to live as a professional artist. My career started as a merchant navy officer at Shell Tankers. After seven years on the high seas. I switched to a quit different profession: Owner and sport instructor of a fitness centre.
I even started a practice in natural health care, hypnotherapist and performance sports instructor. In spite of these divergent activities, the love for the Earth and its occupants continue to inspire me constantly. My amazement and deep feelings for Creation and the essence which makes all things possible, ensured that I desired to live life to the fullest, without the many secure conditionings. I decided to sell all my belongings and travel around the world. It appeared to be a journey by Land-rover, straight through the continent of Africa. 22000 miles through untouched areas where so-called civilized white people have had no chance to modify it according to their personal wishes. Places where the fullness of life becomes part of you. There where everything is, what it is. Places where people are part of nature, without forcing life to adjust to personal winnings at all cost.I realised that respect is the foundation of the people who live in harmony with nature.