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Ute Hadam, 1958 | Abstract painter

Ute Hadam paints on canvas of different sizes. She mixes herself pigments with acrylic mediums of différetes consistency in order to enhance the structure. Colors and shades are melted with subtle silk paper collages to obtain transparency and relief.
The universe of the artist is the endless wealth of nature. The dynamic play of shapes and lights of plant, mineral or human world becomes a pretext for an original artistic interpretation. In her compositions, you find always a research of beauty of nature.

The compositions combines construction and free expression. The topic paint is represented between a real and abstract way, it becomes sensation. The alternation between light and dark, the balance between splash of colour and transparency characterize his personal style.
Ute Hadam was born in Stuttgart, Germany.
Studies painting at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, 1984-1988 (graduation in 1988).
Professional career as a professional painter, workshop near Paris.
A lot of exhibitions, prices and official commandes.
Guest of honour at many art exhibitions.

Ute Hadam è nata nel 1958 a Stoccarda, Germania.
Studia pittura presso l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts di Parigi, 1984-1988 (laurea nel 1988).
Membro associato di "Artistes Français", "Taylor Fondation", "Salon Violet" e "Arts-Sciences-Lettres".
Carriera professionale come pittrice professionista, workshop nei pressi di Parigi.
Permanentemente rappresentata in gallerie internazionali.