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Annick Bouvattier ~ Fashion painter | VideoArt

Presented in Paris and the Villa Medici (Rome), Annick Bouvattier creations earning the esteem of professionals and are the subject of numerous publications in the press. However, more attracted by shows than by fashion boutiques, Annick Bouvattier begin her working life in cinema and commercials. Costume designer, she often works in the studios of Cinecitta in Rome. From her stays to Italy, she retains the taste of warm colors, sensual, profound: sunny ochres, reds deaf, the intense blues, deep greens.

In early 1990, she decided to devote himself exclusively to painting. After two years of research in self-taught, she became a pupil of Pierre Ramel 1992-1996, a disciple of Mac'Avoy, who teach him the technique of oil on the knife, that she works gently, without thickness, with lot of transparency. Women are the main subject of Annick Bouvattier. Alone or together, they live in city apartments almost empty, furnished with shadows and light. Beautiful, young, they live their femininity without false modesty, indifferent to outside views. Big size canvases, compositions in close up, the works of Annick Bouvattier are spaces of escape where the pictorial opens dialogue with the emotional.

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