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Mark Mawson | Conceptual photographer

Mark Mawson is a London based photographer with 25 years experience of producing creative and inspiring images.
He specialises in shooting liquids and his colourful liquid work, titled "Aqueous", has become very well known and collectable. An Aqueous video was projected onto the walls of Buckingham Palace for The Queen's diamond jubilee concert.
Mark also enjoys shooting underwater fashion and beauty and his non commissioned personal work shows a love of atmospheric, cinematic work.
His work is held in many private collections around the world.


2017 - The Association of Photographer's Awards Winner;
2016 - Communication Arts Photography Award Winner;
2016 - The Association of Photographer's Awards Finalist;
2016 - OneEyeland Photography Awards Finalist;
2014 - International Photography Awards - 2nd Place;
2012 - The London Awards - Shortlisted;
2011 - Dabomba Creative Awards - Gold;
2010 - Dabomba Creative Awards - Platinum and Gold;
2010 - International Aperture Awards - Silver;
2009 - Sovereign Asian Art Awards - Finalist.