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Brigitte Teman, 1969 | Figurative sculptor

Brigitte Teman was born in Châlons-en Champagne. From her studies in dental surgery she learned anatomy and the precision of movement. Her passion for art being stronger, she gave up dentistry and devoted herself entirely to sculpture.
Under the double influence of Rembrandt Bugatti and François Pompon, the two great masters of 20th-century animal sculpture, Brigitte Teman developed a style where she favours the beauty of line and forms by basing herself on a premise of smooth/taut which allows them to be starkly brought out.

Moreover, she loves playing on contrasts between substances and textures, by juxtaposing “rough” treated sections with the smooth parts.
Her most recent works, les Cub’, crafted in a highly contemporary style, reprise the balance and arced lines that she cherishes, while adding to them an abstract and coloured dimension.
Her materials of choice are bronze and aluminium.

Brigitte Teman’s œuvre has enjoyed growing success as much with the public as with her peers, and with critics who have awarded her multiple prizes:
  • European Trophy of Contemporary Sculpture 2007;
  • Bronze medal at the Salon des Artistes Français 2007 at the Grand Palais;
  • 1st prize at the Salon National d'Art Félin February 2005;
  • First prize in the Sculpture section of the Fédération Nationale de la Culture Française 2003.

L'artista Francese Brigitte Teman è nata a Châlons-en Champagne, France. Sotto l'influenza di grandi maestri della scultura del XIX e XX secolo, Brigitte Teman ha sviluppato il suo stile nelle sculture di bronzo che esprimono bellezza delle linee e delle forme, con l'uso di materiali e texture, aggiunte alle parti lisce.
Le due principali fonti di ispirazione sono le figure femminili e gli animali domestici.
Il lavoro di Brigitte Teman, più volte premiata, è in esposizione permanente a Mickael Marciano Galeries de Paris (Place des Vosges e Matignon) e Marsiglia.