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Elena Kukanova, 1979 | Figurative painter

Russian painter Elena Kukanova /Елена Куканова was born in Moscow.
She studied at the Art School and Lyceum of Moscow from 1988-1998.
For the next six years Kukanova attended the Art Academy of Moscow where the focus was entirely on portraits. Her father is a Colonel in the Russian Army.
She grew up in an environment where she was exposed to the military world of Russia.
She loves the theatre and currently works in one of Moscow`s theatres as a costume and scenery designer.

She also loves Italy and France, and that is reflected in her paintings.
Unfortunately, Kukanova became allergic to oil paint, which caused her to stop painting for a period of time.

Eventually it was suggested for her to try alternative oil paints and different types of polishes that are not as toxic.
She is an incredibly romantic individual, but at the same time she is very private.
She prefers to spend her time taking walks in the city parks and boulevards.

Her favorite artists are Ilya Repin and Ivan Kramskoy. She is also heavily influenced by the Pre-Raphaelites.
Elena Kukanova`s paintings are the pride of many private collections around the world.