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Dmitri Spiros, 1961 | Impressionist painter

Dmitri Spiros is a Russian contemporary impressionist artist. Dmitri comes from a family with Greek roots. From ancient times onward there has formed a small Greek population in the Southern part of Russia on the shores of the Black Sea.
Spiros was born in Tashkent, in one of the former USSR republics, and lived there until 1998.

From 1998-2010, Spiros lived with his family in Russia, in the city of Samara. Spiros currently resides in the popular resort city of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
The subjects of his paintings are mostly city scenes, genre paintings, the sea, flowers and portraits. Most of Dmitri Spiros's paintings are created using the medium of the palette knife, oils and acrylic paint. Spiros is constantly finding new themes, subjects and creative approaches to use.