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Iris Scott ~ Painting with fingers / hands

Finger / hand painting is now fine art at the hands of 28 year old American painter Iris Scott. Scott creates vibrant paintings with a unique, stylistic Finger painting process, using surgical gloves and placing the oil paint directly on her hands. Rapidly applying thick oil color with several points of contact rather than one Scott can be classified as a modern Impressionist..with a twist. Her inspiration is found on the road as her composition-hunting continues to take her abroad. Recently back from Thailand, Iris is now finished making her newest collection of 10+ Thai originals. Her next trip, Nicaragua, which she leaves for on March 17, holds the promise of new inspiration. Six weeks later when Iris returns to Washington she will dive yet again into a new body of work about Central America.

Finger / hands paint is a kind of paint intended to be applied with the fingers; it typically comes in pots and is used by small children, though it has occasionally been used by adults either to teach art to children, or for their own use.
Iris Scott Finger painting