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Nino Orlandi, 1946 | Wood sculptor

Italian sculptor Nino Orlandi is a self-taught artist. In spite of his lack of formal education, has mastered a literary genre of sculpture.
His pieces convey immense talent and dimension, apparent in his many works titled The Book of Life, The Magic Mountain and The Book of Dreams.
While Orlandi's books are for the most part blank, showcasing planks of wood in place of words, he has managed to relay intricate stories to his followers.

This comes of the many characters that are present in his series, popping out of remarkable carved windows, bars and butterflies.
He has at the same time played up on morose themes via his chilling images of clawing hands and muted whispers.

Nino Orlandi: "I was born in Serramazzoni -a mountain village in the Apennines near Modena- in 1946 where I currently live and have my lab.
From a young age I have a passion for sculpture, I was eighteen years old when I started then for reasons of time and effort I suspended sculpture and occasionally I have dedicated myself to painting always by himself, and only in 2000 I was able to devote full time to sculpture discovered my passion for wood.
With this material, I have developed and produced my works using the most variable technical and artistic expressions that allows the wood. I have never participated in competitions but I did shows only locally".

- "Sono uno scultore Italiano autodidatta, nato a Serramazzoni, Italia nel 1946 dove attualmente vivo ed ho il mio laboratorio.
Fin da giovane ho coltivato la passione per la scultura, avevo diciotto anni quando ho cominciato poi per motivi di tempo e lavoro ho sospeso la scultura e mi sono dedicato saltuariamente alla pittura sempre da autodidatta, e solo nel 2000 ho potuto dedicarmi a tempo pieno alla scultura scoprendo la mia forte passione per il legno".