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Joan Beltràn Bofill ~ Impressionist Figurative painter

Spanish painter Joan Beltrán Bofill [1939-2009] was born in Barcelona. Joan attended the prestigious Casa Lonja, where several artists from the Catalan School, including Picasso, had also studied. It was here that Joan studied drawing, painting, composition and theory of colour. Joan also studied at the Sant Jordi Fine Art School in Barcelona.
Considered by many to be the foremost Spanish contemporary Impressionist of today, Beltrán Bofill paintings evoke memories and feelings of previous centuries. In Bofill's sensuous free brushwork and lively colours, as well as his choice of subjects one is reminded of Renoir, Monet and Munch. But, although the influences of many artists are brought to mind, Bofill succeeds in creating a very distinctive style and beauty of his own.
His work cascades with light, color and rhythm of movement, which results in creating in the eye of the beholder a sense of beauty and tranquility. Dating back to 1972 Joan Beltrán Bofill has had one man exhibitions in Palma, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Monaco, Paris, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach and Tokyo.