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Elena Vizerskaya, 1980 | Surrealist photographer

Elena Vizerskaya / Елка Визерская - Kassandra, is wonderful talented Russian🎨 photographer specialized in photo manipulating. She creates enigmatic universes teeming details with surgical precision. Graduated with flying colors from a children’s art school in 1994. Graduated from the Boychuk College of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, Ukraine in 2000.
The year 2001 saw me pursue a rather eclectic mix of design projects spanning practically all relevant areas, with the exception of web design and ikebana.
This mixed bag would engage my creativity for the next 3 years.
- In 2004, however, I happily took time off to experience the joys of motherhood, which, among other things, gave me a new sense of creative direction as I decided to concentrate on photography. I’ve kept at it with a passion ever since.