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Pia Erlandsson | Swedish Watercolor painter

Swedish painter Pia Erlandsson works through watercolors to focus on the minute expressions of her subjects. Her fascination with human emotions is evident throughout her ethereal oeuvre.
- I was born in south of Sweden, living in Gothenburg since many years back. I have been working full time as a watercolor artist since 2007.
In my paintings I usually portray people. I want to convey feelings and expressions of universal emotions, communicating different states of the human mind. I try to find the tension and harmony between colors and shapes, and light and darkness, where the water and pigments together create new forms.

Watercolor is something I cannot entirely control, which makes it possible for me to take advantage of what is happening on the paper.
On the other hand, I do take care to make sure of the details and clarity of the expressions in the face and body of my subjects, which is important to me.
The background of the painting is abstract, giving viewers the freedom to create a room of their own.
For me, a painting is a story in which the colors and shapes are the words.
Last few years I also started working with acrylic and oil. Sometimes as separated techniques but also as a mixed media.