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Sampo Kaikkonen, 1975 | Figurative painter

Sampo Kaikkonen, a Finnish figurative painter living and working in Oulu, Finland.
His paintings respect the technique and style of the old masters.
The atmosphere in the paintings is timeless. There are no symbols of specific era and the landscape is universal.
Beside the dominant human figures another strong factor in his works is emotion which mediates through his themes, expressions and colors.


- "I am not a painter nor an artist - I am a storyteller. My paintings are hidden paths leading to an eternal place forgotten in the hurry of our times.
I tell stories with my brush. Slowly, layer by layer the spirit flows into the painting.

Eventually something pure seems to breathe below the layers.

The time is frozen. How did the story begin?"

"Where does it lead?
The spirit of Baroque in forms of color and chiaroscuro remove the paintings from our time. Yet something touches the people of today.
My figurative works are easily approachable.

Art World's grammar is not needed - the paintings are here and now.
Narrativeness and sentimentality separate my paintings from mainstream contemporary art. After all, they are the features of kitsch rather than art.
I'm a representative of the international Kitsch movement that provides alternative to the institutionalized art".

"I've also worked as a student and assistant of the movement's lead character the Norwegian Odd Nerdrum.
I am walking in big footsteps. Along this hidden path went Caravaggio, Rembrandt and many other giants.
I follow the golden cape of my idol. My footprints are still small, but they are of importance to me and to the one whose heart is marked by my paintings".