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Alex Shubin | Figurative painter

Russian-born Canadian painter🎨 Alexander Shubin expresses his creative mind using a unique style and techniques which he has developed living and painting in Europe, but he is always in search for a new and original manner to express himself in art.
In his works Alex often uses contemporary and surreal ideas and combines them with his extraordinary style. Quite in early age Alex has shown a talent in art. Having Master degree in Science, Alexander has always felt that his heart belongs to art, so he made a decision to become a fine art painter and now he is a self-representative artist.

Alexander's love of figurative, abstract and surreal art is reflected in his work. His paintings convey artist's intricate vision and unusual imagination which outlines Alexander's individual style. His ability of breathing life into people pictured on his portraits, captivates the viewer.
Alexander has been invited to participate in the International Foundation Benefit Auction for Arts & Artists in New York. His works have been represented by "Britannia" Art gallery. Alexander's paintings can be found in numerous private collections in Europe, USA and Canada.