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Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova /Нелина Трубач-Мошникова, 1960 | Impressionist painter

Born in Belarus, where Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova attended art college, and now living and working in Ukraine. Nelina Trubach-Moshnikova is an artist working mainly with oil and canvas, however she also dabbles in mixed media, such as drawing and oil on canvas.
An aspect of Nelina’s work that always manages to fascinate is the success she has in creating refined emotion across all of her work. Love and cut-throat passion are all evident aspects of Nelina’s work, and the contrast of detail and, in some works, abstract edge, give each piece an instantly recognizable signature.
Nelina is a member of The National Union of the Artists of Ukraine, and has exhibited numerous times in both Ukraine and Russia, including joint exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tрубач-Мошникова Нелина Ивановна, pittrice Ucraina, è nata in Bielorussia. Nel 1982 si è diplomata alla Scuola d'Arte di Minsk con la prof. А.К.Глебова. Dal 1983 vive e lavora a Yalta. Lavora in stile impressionista ed espressionista. Ha partecipato in mostre internazionali ed ucraini. Membro dell'Unione Nazionale degli Artisti di Ucraina.

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