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Elena Shlegel, 1965 | Romantic painter

"An artist lives partially in a dream - just like a poet does. I strive to reflect something impossible to exist…to allow an audience to see beyond the reality, to make up its own fairy-tale, to become a participator and a creator. And thus to feel happy for a moment…" says Elena Shlegel.

Belarusian painter Елена Шлегель was born in Minsk, Belarus.
1984 - Graduated from Minsk Art College;
1991 - Graduated from the Belarusian Art Academy (Monumental Art Department);
1988 - Began participating in the republican and international exhibitions and projects;
1996 - Became a member of the Belarusian Artists Union;
1998 - Became a laureate of the Republican Exhibition “Persona, Space, Time”;
1998 - Joined the “International Artists Guild” Association;
2004 - Joined the “Artel” Association;
2005 - Became a grant holder of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus.

Elena Shlegel’s works are at the National Museum of Art (Minsk, Belarus), the Museum of Modern Art (Minsk, Belarus), the Literary Museum of M. Bagdanovich (Minsk, Belarus), the National Library of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus), the collections of the Ministry of Culture of Belarus (Minsk, Belarus), the Art Funds of the Belarusian Artists Union (Minsk, Belarus), the “Lukoil” Company (Russia), as well as in private collections in Belarus, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Japan and the USA.

La pittrice Elena Shlegel è nata a Minsk, Bielorussia.
Nel 1984 si è laureata al Minsk Art College.
1991 - Diplomato presso l'Accademia Bielorussa (Monumental Dipartimento artistico).
1988 - Comincia a partecipare alle mostre e progetti nazionali ed internazionali.
1996 - Diventa membro della Belarusian Artists Union.
1998 - Riceve un premio nella Mostra Nazionale "Persona, Spazio, Tempo".
1998 - Diventa membro della Associazione "International Artists Guild";
2004 - Diventa membro della Associazione "Artel";