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Evgeniy Monahov, 1974 | Figurative painter

Russian painter Евгений Монахов was born in Moscow.
Graduated from the Moscow Art College and the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow (faculty of easel painting, studio under the guidance of professors M. Abakumov and V. Sidorov).
Since 2002 a member of the International Federation of Artists and National Artist's Union of Russia.

Monakhov's paintings excite the same feelings, as music and poetry do. Metaphors of time, history and personal emotional experience pass before spectators. Delicate colours and refined contours create beautiful musical harmony.
  • 2001 - Evgeniy Monahov first exhibits his works at the prestigious Richard Thomas Galleries, California. From this moment, his paintings start traveling around the world.
  • 2002 - the painter graduates from V.I. Surikov Moscow State Academic Art Institute (the studio of professors M.G. Abakumov and V.M. Sidorov) and enters into the Creative Union of the Artists of Russia and the International Federation of the Unions of Artists. Monahov works with the leading galleries of London and Dublin, Medici Gallery and Oriel Gallery.
  • 2004 - Santa Fe mayor and the Fine Art Museum director invite Evgeniy Monahov to a big-scale U.S.‑ Russian culture project, Russian Summer in Santa Fe. The painter participates in a collective exhibition at the Andreeva Gallery, together with top Russian artists. the same year, an exhibition is launched at Whitestone Gallery, Japan.
  • 2005 - Monahov’s solo exhibition is held at the Andreeva Gallery (Santa Fe, USA), which becomes a notable event in the cultural life of the city. In the same year the painter wins an award at an American portrait competition with his triptych “Theo”, “Zack”, “Meg”.
  • 2006 - a long-lasting cooperation with Galeries Bartoux (France), begins. Monahov’s paintings are exhibited at Champs Elysees (Paris), in Cannes, Honfleur and Courchevel.
  • 2012 - A big solo exhibition is arranged at G8 Gallery (Moscow, Russia).
  • 2013 - The second solo exhibition takes place at G8 Gallery (Moscow, Russia).
  • 2015 - The Spanish Album solo exhibition at Malaya Bronnaya, 32 Gallery (Moscow, Russia) is organized. Paintings by Evgeniy Monahov are part of museum and private collections around the world.

Evgeniy Monahov è un pittore Russo, laureato presso il Collegio d'Arte di Mosca.
Nel 2001 espone le sue opere nella prestigiosa galleria californiana Richard Thomas.
Da quel momento in poi i suoi quadri hanno iniziato a viaggiare in tutto il mondo.
Il lavoro di Evgeniy si ispira principalmente ai pittori dell’Impressionismo: pennellate rapide e allentate per dare dettagli e “sostanza” ai suoi soggetti.