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Weizhen Liang, 1955 | Impressionist painter

Chinese painter🎨 Weizhen Liang is a master member of American Impressionist Society and an artist member of the California Art Club.
Weizhen Liang, was born and raised in China. Her early interest in the arts focused on the written word and she received her BA degree in Chinese literature from Ji Nan University of Guang Zhou in China. Weizhen's aunt, An-Zhi Zhonng, was a well respected painter and professor at the Guang Zhou Academy of Fine Arts and she studied with her from an early age.

By 1995 she had met and married artist, Huihan Liu and continued her studies with him. Weizhen and Huihan moved to the San Francisco area several years ago where they now live and paint.
Weizhen Liang is a member of the Oil Painters of America and was a guest artist at the 2003 Northwest Rendezvous Exhibition in Montana. Weizhen's soft color palette and gentle, airy brush strokes combine to create paintings of uncommon beauty and tranquility.


“Top 40” Award, Greenwich Workshop, 2007
”Top 50” Award, Greenhouse Gallery, 2005