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Laurent Parcelier, 1962 | Impressionist painter

French painter Laurent Parcelier interested in art from an early age, Parcelier attended the Applied Arts School in Dordogne.
His obvious talent soon materialized into the publication of several of his albums called “Le Drole de monde” (“Strange World”).
His fame was beginning to spread and his way seemed all but traced out until the paining contest on the street where he was lent a canvas, paint and brushes.

Surprisingly, although at this point Parcelier has not touched a paint brush in several years, he won the first prize.
Admirers praised his for his effortless and instinctive style.
From that moment, he decided to dedicate his life to painting.

Meanwhile he began to devote himself to painting.
It exclusively since 1996. Since that date, after several shows and exhibitions he exhibited in several galleries in France and the USA.
If we had two words, not one more set for the work of Laurent PARCELIER, it would be poetry and light. Which might be added, luxury, calm and voluptuousness, love of nature, quiet places and warm family atmosphere.

Poet of light, the poet is assured. Blink eyes slightly, place in front of one of his paintings and watch it at your leisure, you will only see sparks of light everywhere.

Parcelier states: “I like my painting to look real, so that people can recognize the place”.

Il pittore Francese Laurent Parcelier si è interessato all'arte fin dalla tenera età.
Dopo aver studiato Arti Applicate Duperré a Parigi, ha iniziato nel fumetto. Ha pubblicato 8 album a Casterman.
Nel frattempo iniziò a dedicarsi alla pittura. Lo fa esclusivamente dal 1996.

L'opera di Laurent Parcelier dà l'impressione di vivere in un'eterna vacanza, tra la Provenza ed il Luberon.
Mettiti davanti ad uno dei suoi quadri, sbatti leggermente gli occhi e guardalo con calma, vedrai solo scintille di luce ovunque.

L'occhio del visitatore viene attratto innanzitutto dalla scrittura grafica che nasce dalla sua esperienza nel mondo dei fumetti.
Fu poi colpito dalla costruzione meticolosa e rigorosa dei suoi dipinti.

Le opere di Laurent Parcelier fanno parte di numerose collezioni private in tutto il mondo e sono ben note agli amanti dell'arte francesi ed europei.