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Slava Groshev, 1967

Russian painter Слава Грошев is quite simply an outstanding artist producing masterworks that should grace any serious collection of art. A Moscow native Слава Грошев trained both there and in Montreal, Canada. Ever since he has been producing work on a range of subjects, including not only religious themes, but more traditional landscapes and realist figurework that often comes with a twist. His realist work is not only technically superb but captures the essential life of a subject demonstrating the difference between great painting over the coldness and stiffness of other realist work whatever the medium. Without a doubt Слава’s work is stunning.

His work has exhibited in Toronto, Mayfair's Cork St, Moscow and elsewhere around the world. After a recent sabbatical he is back producing new work that will no continue to express a sense of time that is both fixed and eternal, yet ethereal.

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