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Evelyne Galinski, 1950 | Abstract Figurative sculptor

Born in Marseille, French sculptor🎨 Evelyne Galinski began sculpting quite late. Her inspiration: meditation, silence, zen, body arts, self knowledge and one’s relation to others. In pursuit of her own story, Evelyne Galinski searches for herself in clay. She speaks of a people, ancestral or new.
Her people are without race for when mixed, they exude the white light containing all colors.
Furthermore, the male - female ambiguity of her figures leads the heart and eyes to consider the being beyond it’s form. Beyond her own search, all blends in softness, allowing each one the freedom to see and be what they desire.
Evelyne Galinski’s sculptures do not leave indifferent. For some, they reflect human finitude and death impossible to tame. For others, they are the fruit of a spiritual quest, where the bodies seem to seek ecstasy in a levitation to an unknown destination.

Or the perception of familiarity in the body gestures carved work shows a simple everyday trying to be connected.
Many other aspects appear in the sculptures by Evelyne Galinski, for example when laying a hand on the head with protection of a child. Latter, or another, ends up with a book open on her lap, and concentration in a peaceful, discovers something that we will never know.