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Christof Monnin, 1968 | Palette knife painter

French painter Christof Monnin was born in Lyon, France. The self-taught artist exposed his works for the first time in the age of 17 years and immediately won recognition and the main prize.
Being an adherent of a bright palette, he masterfully mixes colors, excellently combining almost incompatible red with the golden yellow.
Even more often working with a palette knife, making lines stiffer, he reaches a certain aggression in the transfer of forms which makes his works even more realistic. Peering into his works, it is possible to see, how a warm southern wind hardly sways flowers on a tree branches.

Christof Monnin, being a perfectionist in a soul, never stops, constantly searching for new forms of self-expression.
Painter’s works are presented in many exhibitions in France, Mulhouse, Strasbourg, Paris, Montbeliard, Lyon, Honfleur, Lille, Saint Tropez, La Rochelle, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, China, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, England and Ireland.