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Emanuel Mattini, 1966

Emanuel Mattini is an Iranian-born, American educated painter, strongly influenced by music. His figurative works are melodies performed in textured forms - brilliant in color, exciting in design.  His works metamorphose music into art, art into human expression, human expression into the rhythm of life. The quiet play of sound, the expression of scale relating to the yin and yang of color and motion reflect in his life as well as his art. His art has a freshness of style and approach, a blend of the modern with the ancient, reflecting an age of quality - quality of meaning and of image. These qualities were ingrained in Emanuel in his native Shiraz, Iran, the famed valley of poets and philosophers, where he was born in 1966.
His education was furthered at the Atlanta Institute of Art with extensive studies in painting and photography. This marriage of the discipline of photography with the controlled freedom of painting is evident in his use of perspective, shadow, and light. The play of light creates an infinite perspective with each section of his canvas, leading the eye from point to point. Emanuel applies these skills in his present painting style - a style which reflects his thoughts, dreams and soul and is recognizable to the viewers as uniquely his. Also an accomplished serigrapher, his works appear in galleries and private collections throughout the world.
Emanuel’s sense of space and color are also unique in their balanced disorder. Especially in the large-scale abstractions, color strikes an immediate, emotional chord, delivering sensations that are at once emphatic and romantic, concrete and metaphysical, post-modern and baroque. In these paintings, platonic ideals mingle with tangible objects to create scenes that could be straight from Donne’s poetry, always transferring energy from the physical world into a more spiritual realm.