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Inna Tsukakhina, 1968 | Abstract painter

Russian painter Инна Цукахина was born in Krasnodar. In 1986 she graduated from Krasnodar Art College and in 1993 - the Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev. From 1995, a member of the Artists Union SF. From 2002, Master of the Academy of Artists in Prague.
Exhibited since 1990. Inna Tsukakhina - author Courteous "Floral Still Life", written easily in one breath.
The motif of a female body, or colors that are immersed in a conditional environment - the most common myth of their aesthetics. Image of the woman she always likened to a flower, ready to give its sweetness.

A female flower is depicted outside the context of the time, society, history and way of life. She is always "smell" and never turns into a fetus. Poetiziruya perfect moment Tsukakhina destroys a long time and space. In her work is always a receptive audience-potential-like bumblebee, drinking the nectar of flowers.
Combining the broad strokes with a smooth, lessirovochnym letter, reinforcing the decorative sound of the plane, the artist creates on canvas image of a languid voluptuous harem, sultry Southern sun, spicy flavor of the East.
Oriental traits are expressed in the exquisite eroticism, hedonism and love of being as the sole reality.
Her creative, unique in the community aesthetics. Inheriting the tradition of artists of the early twentieth century, Mikhail Vrubel, Gustav Klimt, Van Gogh, it's close contemporary and post simvolicheskie postromanticheskoy artistic paradigm.