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Eugène Bégarat, 1943 | Post-impressionist painter

Eugène Begarat was born at Nice. In 1960, he entered the "Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Nice", in 1964 at the "Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris". His first holidays were at Venice and Murano.
He set himself up in Brittany and became interested in the Pont-Aven school and with Nabists such as Felix Valoton et Maurice Denis.
Later, he went on a series of trips to Italy, Morocco, Tunis, and Spain before returning to Paris to the l'Oise, and in 1993 to Provence.

A post-impressionist painter, in the tradition of Seurat and Signac, he is fascinated by the "divisionist technique", which gives a truly noble effect.
The strong colours of his palette evoke the Fauve style. His canvasses are not lifeless. On the contrary, the people, the trees, the sea are very active.
This mobility is the result of contrasting, side by side, primary colours : red - blue - yellow, and secondary colours: green - orange and violet. Eugène Begarat is of international renown. He exhibits in France and abroad (Switzerland, United-States etc.) and is found in the Argus Guide and the Directory of Painting with Schurr, Akoun, Bordas, Mayer.