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Michael O'Toole, 1963 ~ Impressionist painter

Michael O'Toole was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1963. He attended BCIT where he studied architectural design and later moved to Toronto to work for several architectural firms. Eventually he was drawn back to the beautiful West Coast where he now resides.
Michael's love for design led him to explore his creativity in variety of media including watercolour, pen and ink, graphite, gouache and acrylic. Currently focusing on acrylics, his diverse subject matter ranges from landscape and seascape, to architecture and portraiture. His vivid and dramatic style is inspired by his former instructor, renowned artist Charles M. Svob and other impressionists. His travels both locally and internationally have also been a tremendous source of inspiration.

Michael's Canvas Prints are published by Canadian Art Prints and are sold in print Galleries around the World with much acclaimed success. Several Magazine (Magazine Art, International Artist) News papers and Articles are always writing his story and journey on the "Road Less Traveled" the life of a full time Artist for over 20 successful years.
Michael believes that his paintings reflect a balance of emotion and technical skill. Painting has become an "all consuming passion". To date, he has lectured extensively and enjoyed many successful exhibitions in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec.
Michael's work may be found in thousands of corporate and private collections across Canada, the USA, Europe and Japan.