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Dorus Brekelmans, 1972 | Figurative Palette Knife painter

Dutch painter* Dorus Brekelmans was born in Waalwijk, Netherlands. After a three year (1991-1994) study in advertising drawing at the Municipal Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in Antwerp, he continued his training in applied graphics and illustration at the Carolus Magnus University of Antwerp (1994-1998). 
Since, Dorus regularly participates as independent illustrator and painter, in exhibitions in the Netherlands, where he is also represented by a number of distinguished galleries.

"My paintings are figurative, realism is often the basis of my canvases. Yet I am as an artist rather than a realist, but rather to mention. An impressionist I work alternately in acrylic or oil on canvas or panel, the sizes of my paintings range from small to large.
The paint is often spontaneous and expressive with brushes or applied with a palette knife.
My color palette is mostly sunny mention".

From 1991-1994 I studied Publicity Signs of SISA in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1994 I continued my studies at the Karel De Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp, direction Applied Graphics and Illustration
where I did my studies I went in 1998 afstudeerde. Na immediately to work as a freelance illustrator and painter, first living in Breda and later in Ulvenhout, Netherlands. Since 1998, I take care of commercial artwork for various projects at home and buitenland. De recent years I became more and more focused on my work as an artist. Since 2006, get my work exhibited regularly and I am represented by several prominent art galleries in the Netherlands. I also work aanportretopdrachten and artwork commissioned by individuals and businesses.

Dorus Brekelmans’ vivid, synoptical paintings reveal this artist’s graphic background. He builds his work up according to carefully chosen rhythms and considers the compositions very carefully. The unusually proportioned human figures come across as affable and seem to attain certain equilibrium. Their big hands, full arms and attendant posture confirm their existence.

A 'space scout', a man in a rubber ring or a man looking intriguingly at a bird sitting on his finger; they all seem to be absorbed in the moment. Because the background is painted with set patterns and monochrome areas, the brightly coloured accents of, for instance, the clothing on the human figures or the little bird really stand out. Without wanting to convey a deeper meaning, the artist says that he wants to ‘depict a short story’. The lack of concern emitted from these stories is confirmed with a simple, clear and convincing use of colour.

As a painter, I do not cling to the same theme, but I'm working on a variety of subjects. In my work, people, children, beach scenes, animals, movement, dance, sports and portrait recurring topics.