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Andrey Aranyshev / Андрей Аранышев, 1956

Андрей Аранышев is a unique painter known not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world.
It is possible to say, that to some extent his artistic gift passed to him from ancestors. His great-grandfather - Dmitry Mitrofanovich Kucherenko - was a well-known violinist and opened the first musical school in Yaroslavl.
The brother of the great-grandmother - Grigory Vasilevich Sarenko - was the architect who has designed many famous buildings of Yaroslavl, including a building of former hotel "Bristol" and fire depot on the Red Square.
The artist’s works are remarkable for interesting forms, harmony of color scale and a variety of images, especially the portraits.
In each image individuality and mood are distinctly read through, whether it is a fabulous mythological hero - Dionisis, Silen, the goddesses, disposing a string of destiny, - or characters from real life or the artist’s imagination.

Andrey Aranyshev carries rare conviction in combining the methods of creating conditional decorativeness, colour surface and figuraly-spatial reality. His objects are bright and delicate; his images are not flesh but emotion.
However the artist doesn’t create antropomorphous phantoms. His actual “characters” are energy of light, colour, an exquisite line and harmony of composition. He isn’t involved in authentic object depicting. He dematerialises spatial and air perspective.
His light, loosing its linearity, mystifies the spectator by its multyaspectness and emotional dispersion. His line “exalts”, “grounds”, “normalises” and “challenges”. It is unexpected and charming, nervous and ephemeral.
A. Aranyshev is conceptually static and not narrative, intuitive and possesses visible artistic culture…