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Andrea Kemp, 1981 | Figurative painter

Andrea Kemp was born in Glenwood Spring, Colorado.

2001-2002 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Utah.
1999-2001 Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, Old Lyme, CT.
"I began painting seriously around the age of 15, but before then I had always loved to create. Art was one of the few things that could hold my attention for a long period of time. Sketching was my frequent pastime. It is hard to remember exactly when painting became such a huge driving force in my life. It crept up on me in such a gradual way which makes it hard to remember the exact beginning. What I do know is that after meeting a few local artists, who were professionals locally and nationally, my love for painting and drawing became more of a reality".

"The inspiration for my paintings come from all around me. Sometimes it can be as simple as a color, other times it can be the way two people are interacting. Whatever it might be, it is used as a building block for the piece.

That is when creating an environment that will compliment, emphasize, or perhaps downplay my motive becomes so important to executing that vision. When working through a painting I have experience and tools to use that I have acquired from my past work, but never is the path completely the same. There are always unexpected obstacles that arise.

Those little and big bumps give me the opportunity to truly be creative. To create the impossible and let the magic take hold".

Awards & Honors

2006 "21 under 31" Southwest Art Magazine
2001 Alliance for Excellence Scholarship and meeting w/ Harvey Dinnerstein
2000 National Endowments for Excellence in the Arts, Scholarship
1999 Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, Grant