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Assaf Frank, 1971 | Misty morning in Venice /Paris

As a young boy, Assaf Frank had an eye for photography. Later at university, his talents were noticed as his artistic gift became apparent. He has had a career in computers for many years, and now he combines his computer knowledge with his photography to produce high quality digital images/produced as art prints for others to buy and share in the enjoyment. Assaf is well travelled and his work touches on people and their lives across the world.

His attention to detail, his patience for the right light, and his rapport with people makes him truly an outstanding photographer. At the age of 35, he has a promising and bright future ahead and to own a little piece of his magic brings great joy to the heart and the soul. His commitment, devotion and love of being behind the lens and the care and attention taken to produce the finished print is a labour of love.
In 2008 he became a full time photographer and his images are now published around the world on products, greetings cards and wall art.