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Daniel Sprick, 1953 | Figurative painter

American painter Daniel Sprick was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and studied at the Ramon Froman School of Art, the National Academy of Design in New York City, as well as the University of Northern Colorado where he received his BA in 1978.
Daniel Sprick’s life long love of drawing and technical mastery of painting began with his fascination of drawing at the age of four. Well educated in the pictorial tradition of art history, Sprick’s influences reach back to Northern European masters such as Robert Campin and Roger van der Weyden admiring their ability to render a convincing look at invisible realms and otherworldly occurrences.

Sprick effortlessly combines the archaic qualities of these early painters with elements of modern culture to create tangible yet surreal visions.
Although Sprick is dedicated to the scrupulous representation of mundane objects he finds much to be revealed in the notions of the still-life and interior. Sprick’s ultra realistic renderings encompass a sort of cosmic vision; as he paints inhabited, though very quiet, interiors infused with a baroque sense of light.
He plays with the tensions between conventional versus experimental, inside and outside, solidity and erosion, and the literal opposed to the surreal; thus, Daniel Sprick’s paintings maintain and develop old dialogues pertaining to art, life and the appearance of reality.
Although, Sprick uses traditional techniques his ideas are completely contemporary, as he creates scenarios filled with subtle irony. Intrigued by the surroundings of his studio Sprick doesn’t need to travel far to find his painting muse; he seeks signs of transcendence in the everyday experience.

Il pittore Americano Daniel Sprick è nato a Little Rock, nell'Arkansas e ha studiato alla Ramon Froman School of Art, alla National Academy of Design di New York City, nonché all'Università del Nord del Colorado, dove ha conseguito la laurea nel 1978.
La lunga passione di Daniel Sprick per il disegno e la padronanza tecnica della pittura è iniziata con il suo fascino per il disegno all'età di quattro anni.
Ben educato nella tradizione pittorica della storia dell'arte, le influenze di Sprick risalgono ai maestri del Nord Europa come Robert Campin e Roger van der Weyden ammirando la loro capacità di rendere uno sguardo convincente su regni invisibili e avvenimenti ultraterreni.
Sprick combina senza sforzo le qualità arcaiche di questi primi pittori con elementi della cultura moderna per creare visioni tangibili ma surreali.